The Spirited Shipper has provided wine, beer and spirits packaging and shipping services from his licensed and bonded warehouse in Astoria, NY, for nearly 30 years.

Unable to find sturdy and reliable shipping materials, we designed and patented (US patents 5,730,289 and 5,967,320) the Spirited Shipper's renowned shipping materials, which are accepted as the best in the industry. Unlike many other cartons being sold for shipping glass bottles which may just have a second layer of cardboard, these bottle shippers are truly a bottle packaging system. A heavyweight and strong outer carton is utilized with uniquely designed bottle inserts which prevent bottle movement in addition to providing more layers of protection from the Kraft cardboard itself. The bottles also sit on a "shelf" in this insert which provides a protective gap from the bottom of the carton.

With so many advantages over Styrofoam wine shippers, it's no wonder that the Spirited Shippers have become the standard for many companies in the wine industry. One of the most appreciated advantages stems from the fact that they ship and store flat which greatly reduces their inbound shipping charges and required storage space. 

The Spirited Shipper wine packaging system has shippers in three sizes covering everything from beer bottles up to magnum size bottles and are available from single bottle shippers up to twelve bottle shippers. These patented glass bottle shippers are utilized for olive and other cooking oils, coffee and many other products which are sold and shipped in glass bottles. The screen-printing service lends itself to custom logos for wineries as well as corporate gifting applications. 

Support for the wine industry grew when The Spirited Shipper began manufacturing wooden wine boxes which have become extremely popular due to their competitive pricing advantage. Utilized by wineries and importers for the exclusive and most expensive wine selections, customizing these boxes with screen printed logos, dates, names or anything else, has also led to corporate gift programs taking advantage of the branding aspect of using customized wine boxes.

Wine carriers, totes, bags and basic wine gift boxes complete the product line today. Orders are processed automatically on this new mobile-friendly website and can even be entered on a cell phone. Shipping is completed with your choice of all five levels of FedEx service in addition to common carrier trucking for bulk palletize orders. Warehouse pick-up is available for local clients. 

Over the years many wineries, alcoholic beverage retailers, wine clubs and businesses of all sizes and types have grown to rely on the Spirited Shipper for shipping wine and other alcoholic beverages reliably and legally. As many wineries, importers and wine clubs recognize the benefits of outsourcing their shipping in order to focus on their main business, the wine fulfillment division continues to grow by providing reliable, secure, timely and completely legal fulfillment for both large and small companies. This isn't a function which can be performed by the general shipping industry as there are special licensing requirements for shipping alcoholic beverages. As each of our 50 states have their own unique regulations for wine shipments, The Spirited Shipper maintains a current license from the New York State Liquor Authority as well as keeping abreast of ever-changing regulations and laws affecting the wine industry. Protecting client property is always a priority in the fully secured, monitored and insured warehouse. Employees are bonded and all client data is secure, maintaining full privacy. 

The Spirited Shipper continues to manage both businesses insuring the highest level of client satisfaction. The ability to react immediately to special and urgent client requests, resolve any issues and maintain relationships with clients by being personally involved, it's no wonder that the Spirited Shipper continues its constant growth.