Wine Shipping Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment for Wineries, Wine Clubs, Breweries, Importers, Corporate Gifting, etc.

The Spirited Shipper has been meeting the demands of the wine industry for decades. Thousands of bottles of wine pass through our careful hands each and every month. Wineries, wine clubs and even corporate gifting programs rely on the Spirited Shipper for the reliability, accuracy and safety which our fulfillment division provides.

We hold a New York State logistics liquor license and our warehouse is fully bonded and insured. Whether you need to ship single bottles, cases, magnums, customized wooden wine boxes or gift baskets, we've got you covered. Our patented wine shippers have become an industry standard and are utilized for all wine shipments to insure the safe delivery of your wines and a happy customer for you.

Importers, distillers, breweries, wineries and alcohol beverage distributors can focus on their main business by taking advantage of our fulfillment services for all alcoholic beverages. The laws and our licensing allow shipments of any alcoholic beverage including all spirits when one licensee is shipping to another licensee. 

We accept shipments directly from wineries, importers, breweries, licensed distributors and retailers. Your digital customer and shipment data is secure and gets processed only to create shipping labels. We accept various formats and can securely store your client data for future shipments if you desire. Our 30+ years of experience produces results which will delight you and your customers.

Please contact Bruce Cappels at (718) 361-0200 or email to put the Spirited Shipper services to work for your business.

The Supply Chain Council defines perfect order fulfillment as “the percentage of orders meeting delivery performance with complete and accurate documentation and no delivery damage.” 

The concept seems straight forward in practice, but it is often very difficult to accomplish. Leading contributors to this problem are outdated planning processes and disconnected execution systems that are too slow to respond to increased demand volatility. The process often lacks visibility and cannot react quickly to unexpected supply chain events.

To deal with the challenges of today’s global economy, maintaining a core competency in order management and fulfillment is more important than ever to compete for and maintain good customer relations. Outsourcing your fulfillment enables you to focus on your core business without the additional concerns of dealing with the art of fulfillment.

Outsourcing is the perfect solution especially when utilizing an outsourced service which specializes in products from your industry. The alcohol industry is further complicated with legal requirements and many laws in addition to the fragility of shipping glass bottles. This gets magnified when shipping expensive wines which may even be in very limited supply and you just can't allow damages or other shipping issues to occur. 

FedEx customer-friendly options allow your customers to tailor delivery to fit their complex and ever-changing schedules with FedEx Delivery Manager®. They can request to have their shipments delivered at a more convenient location, date and time range. And since they have more control of their customer experience, they’re more likely to be satisfied and loyal customers.

With Hold at FedEx Location, you or your customers can request delivery to one of 2,400 FedEx locations – many of which are open late. This safe, convenient option costs nothing extra. With the right delivery choices, customers won’t hesitate to complete their current order – or their next one.

You can make more deliveries on the first attempt, and get adult signatures, when you extend your delivery week with FedEx Express® Saturday delivery. Click here to learn more about how to benefit from our utilization of FedEx for your wine shipments.

Please contact Bruce Cappels at (718) 361-0200 or email to put the Spirited Shipper services to work for your business.