Go Green With The Spirited Shipper

wine shipping boxesFrom taking up so much more space to environmental unfriendliness to wasting lots of money, there are many reasons why you don't want to use styrofoam wine shipping boxes.
Our patented (US patents 5,730,289 and 5,967,320) wine, beer and spirits shipping boxes are tested and approved by both UPS and FedEx.

Made in the US from strong corrugated Kraft cardboard, our boxes are layered with extra cushioning and include a special insert for each and every bottle for safe and secure shipping.

Light weight and tough, our boxes are environmentally safe and fully recyclable. They ship flat, saving you money and valuable storage space.

Our cardboard boxes are so superior to Styrofoam making the choice is a no-brainer:

The Spirited Shipper Styrofoam
  • Stores flat using up to 80% less storage space.
  • Can be reused several times
  • .Just two size containers adjust to ship from 375ml bottles to magnums and champagne.
  • Flat and more lightweight they are much cheaper to ship.
  • Made from recycled materials in the US.
  • 100% recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly.
  • Cardboard can be recycled many times over saving a great deal of energy and natural resources.
  • Air circulates freely protecting labels from trapped moisture.
  • Bulky and taking up valuable storage space.
  • Less durable.
  • Many different box sizes or additional packaging materials needed to accommodate different sizes.
  • Being bulky and heavier they are more expensive to ship.
  • Made from oil.
  • Ends up in landfills, crumbles easily and pollutes our rivers, lakes and oceans, killing animals which mistake styrofoam pieces for food.
  • Does not biodegrade for hundreds of years.
  • Trapped moisture can ruin bottle labels.