Shipping Wine from the Experts

When it comes to getting wine delivered, there are a host of issues that might arise. From complex laws about alcohol, to large boxes filled with heavy wine, the logistics involved in wine shipping are complex.

What is the cost of shipping?

Many factors come into play when figuring out how much it costs to ship wine, but on average it costs $40-60 to ship a case of wine from coast to coast in the United States. Many online wine stores charge customers a reduced shipping fee ranging from $10-25.

The shipping costs for the stores grow depending on whether the destination is a business or a home, how heavy the actual bottles are, how big the box is, and what kind of discounted rates the company has negotiated with the shippers.

Packaging for Wine Shipping

For shipping wine you start with a cardboard box that has inserts to protect bottles from breaking. The three main options for the insert packaging are:

  1. Folded cardboard shapes to hold and cushion a bottle
  2. Paper pulp to cradle and insulate a bottle
  3. Styrofoam to cradle and insulate a bottle

Corrugated cardboard packaging protects

Corrugated carton provides a stable cushion for any product, keeping items safe during long-distance transportation, shipping and handling. Depending on the amount of protection that is required corrugated cardboard can be varied in sizes and thickness. Also, corrugated keeps moisture away from the products, which is especially important for food products that need to withstand long shipping times.


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