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***** Best boxes
Reviewed by Michael - Brooklyn
Best shipping box for wine ever made!!

***** Ship Your Wine – In a Suitcase
Reviewed by Neil Duarte - Texas
In the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy,carrying wine aboard a commercial aircraft has been impossible and illegal. As someone who likes to buy various wines away from my city of residence, I am always on the lookout for any new method of protecting my wine when I choose to pack it in my suitcase. Over the years I have gone through a variety of methods to protect my wine from shipping damage, the most successful being wrapping each bottle in small bubble wrap and then placing the bottle back in the cardboard carrying case that most wineries provide. Periodically I have lost bottles through breakage due to handling abuse sometimes experienced in airports. Recently, after a loss of a good bottle resulted in additional cleaning costs, I began to look for a better solution. My initial thoughts went to bringing in my suitcase a Styrofoam container fitted for such a task. 

While researching this online, I found an interesting site, http://www.spiritedshipper.com, which offers a somewhat different solution to the problem. I contacted Bruce Cappels, the president/owner of the company, and he offered to provide me with some of his boxes. These boxes are heavier cardboard than those provided at the wineries and are specially designed (Mr. Cappels owns the patent) for wine shipment. They also fold up when not in use and are reusable. 

My test consisted of two separate flights one week apart on which I checked a 22 inch carryon suitcase in which I had packed six bottles of wine. Each bottle was packed in one of Spirited Shipper’s individual boxes which were then placed in another box from Spirited Sipper which tightly contained all six boxes. Though Spirited Shipper does not recommend this, I also wrapped each bottle in my small bubble wrap held on with a rubber band. The larger box fit perfectly in the carryon suitcase (expandable). The result was that on both flights there was no damage to the wine even though after one flight I noted a deep dent in the outer box that indicated some rough handling. Even though my test was somewhat brief, it convinced me that Mr. Cappels has something that might be a game changer. 

One interesting side note was that while I was writing this article, I received some wine samples that had been shipped from overseas in a Styrofoam container and the container was damaged but the bottle had only been scratched. However, I doubt that it would have remained undamaged with further handling since it no longer had any protection around it. 

***** Wine Shipper
Reviewed by Kelly - NJ
Love the presentation of this box!

***** Ingenious Wine Shipping Box
Reviewed by Chad Mitchell - USA
Just sent out my first shipments using your boxes and I must say I'm impressed. What an ingenious design! I saw your ad in Beer Advocate magazine and needed to replace my current shippers so I gave you a try. I love how snug all my bottles were regardless of size. I'll definitely be using your boxes exclusively and recommend them to all my friends in the beer trading community. Thanks a ton!

***** Perfect Boxes For Shipping Beer
Reviewed by Nan McCreary - Houston, TX
As more and more craft breweries and distilleries open, new trends are emerging in labeling and packaging to accommodate this growth. Bruce Cappels of the Spirited Shipper, a shipping company based in Long Island City, NY, has developed a new line of boxes to hold 12-ounce bottles, the most common American craft brewery size. “Craft breweries are shipping out a lot of samples,” he explained. Theses boxes are perfect for this.

***** Great wedding wine box
Reviewed by Tobias Z. - New York City
I'm laughing as I write this because I just got another comment on the gifts my wife and I gave to our bridal party a few months ago. What's funny is that it's the third comment on the box! I found this box by accident and it was perfect to use as our wedding gift box to the bridal party. Although meant for a larger bottle, we put a 375ml bottle of champagne along with a few other trinkets which were very personalized. You guys did a great job printing our names and wedding date on the lid in the font and color that my wife picked out. I wish everything else which we selected for our wedding worked out as well.

The following reviews are from the Google Business Page of Spirited Shipper 

The shipping system was perfect for our wine. We can now ship to any location without anxiety.
Kareem Daniels
We were using styrofoam shippers. Then We found the Spiritedshipper great boxes and saves a ton space.
Germain Baxter
There shippers are strong & tough. The packaging service saves us lots of time during the very busy holiday season!
Karen Timpone
Best boxes ever!!! Very sturdy and durable! Highly recommend!
Sheila B
Excellent customer service. Spirited Shipper provides quality boxes and shipping materials and we hardly have any breakage. Bruce and his team go out of their way to make sure our shipments get out on schedule. We don't have a need to go anywhere else for our shipping and packaging needs.
Francis Hayfron
These guys have solid shipping boxes. They also offer outstanding shipping services.
The SpiritedShipper has the most complete line of shippers than any company. They have a box for every size glass bottle. Great service!
Ilya Dorfman
Been using the spirted shipper for years. Great boxes!
Mondo Vino
The spirited shipper is the best! Great customer service, fast & reliable.
I'll never use anyone else!
Anna Reilly
Spirited Shipper has everything you need from boxes for wines, spirits, beer, etc...and they are great at getting it done fast! I would recommend Spirited Shipper to anyone. Give Bruce a call or visit the website to place your order. Great company!!
banny colon
We have been using the spirited shipper for years ! Simply a grate product line.
Joey Reilly
The spirited shipper makes quality boxes that support your bottles when you ship them. We have used these boxes several times and inserts, with zero breakage. Coming from the bar industry this is invaluable!
Alexander Chevalier
We have been using the Spirted Shipper for years out any issue. These guys are never of out of stock and the fastest shipping.
allen green
We came to Spirited Shipper when a customer requested no Styrofoam shipping boxes. Have to thank that customer because the Spirited Shipper is less expensive and saves so much space!
Deny Privacy
Quality products and operation.
Jack Daniels
This is the perfect boxes for shipping all kinds of wine. Love the spiritedshipper!!
D Sorce
The service is always A1, shipping material & packaging this is the go to place!!👍🏾
Nakea Anderson
We have been using the Spiritedshipper for years, great product best pricing fast delivery and they fit all kinds of shape bottles!
Robert Mack
When we were a small company, doing our own fulfillment wasn't a problem. As we grew, this detracted us from our main business which is wine. Now this may make you laugh as we found it humorous. We asked our box supplier (which was Spirited ...More
Mike Gardner
Quick turnaround, great quality, and low cost are things we demand from our suppliers but customer service is what keeps us happy more than anything. The spirited shipper has been a great resource for both my company and clients. As an ...More
Chris Harrington
Hands down the best bottle shippers I use, perfect for any bottle size and very adaptive to those "special shaped" bottles. I've tried many other types, still this design is on the top of the list. And Bruce you the man! Thanks for everything for the past 8 years!
Graham Grochocinski
We hired the Spirited Shipper for our company's 20th anniversary wine package mailing. He and his partners not only helped us select the perfect wine, but worked with us from start to finish to select the proper shipping box, and even have ...More
Gabby Shayne
I have used Spirited Shipper products for over 10 years. Great product, great service, very reliable. Highly recommenced this product and company.
Mack McConnell
The best! I know our shipments are in good hands. Awesome, personal customer service.
Paul Bazzini
These shippers fit all size and shape bottles. Most flexible product on the market. Also comes in a 4 and 8 Pack size. Pleasure to work with The Spirited Shipper. Great Service. Never out of stock
Rich Mora
We've bought literally thousands of boxes from Bruce and he's treated every order like it was his most important one. He always comes through in a pinch, has a great product and great prices. We highly recommend Spirited Shipper.
John Noonan
If you have to ship wine there is no better option. I ship a pretty good amount of wine. Our breakage rate is non existent with these boxes. Next day arrival on orders. It isn't cheap but it pays to use the best. Styrofoam takes up so much room it is a pain.
Larry Andron
As the manager of an online wine store, I always looked for ways to lower costs. Since the Styrofoam wine shippers we used were extremely expensive and we even had damages resulting in a FedEx claim, I began looking for less expensive ...More
Mike Palazzi
The spirited shipper has been an excellent supplier to us with consistent customer service and competitive pricing. Whenever we have a challenge with an unusual shipment they have been there to get the job done. I highly recommend this company.