Our Wine Shipping Boxes Are the Best in the Industry

We were the first, we are the best, and we have the only wine shipping boxes you need.

Here at the Spirited Shipper, we’ve always had the best product and always will. For more than 32 years, our products have been the highest-quality and most reliable wine shipping boxes on the market. We have served thousands of wine and spirit makers, sellers, and lovers across the country. Spirited Shipper designed the first cardboard shipping containers with glass bottles in mind. As a result, we’ve been leading the wine shipping industry ever since. Let us meet your wine shipping needs.

Find the Original Wine Shipping Boxes Here

Our long track record of success as a wine box provider began with a critical need in the shipping industry. Unable to find shipping options for fragile glass bottles and wine, our original owners designed (U.S. patents 5,730,289 and 5,967,320) their own. By the way, these are the materials still used by Spirited Shipper today. Other companies have tried to replicate these designs, but ours continue to reign supreme in quality and reliability.

Our corrugated wine shipping boxes contain environmentally friendly, double-layer cardboard. They are tough enough to withstand rough handling and ultra-lightweight. And because cardboard is inexpensive, we can offer our shipping products to you at extremely low costs. Even better, they break all the way down for easy storage—what more could you possibly want?

We have your fragile glass shipping needs covered. We have wine shipping boxes of all shapes, sizes, and types for any glass bottle shipping you might need to do. And of course, making these accessible and offering these to you at low costs is a priority.

Various types of wine shipping boxes and supplies offered by Spirited Shipper

Our Patented Wine Shipping Boxes Undergo Rigorous Quality Testing

All our wine and spirit shipping boxes are original and patented, and we take quality and safety standards seriously. Our manufacturing process includes FedEx package-testing to ensure consistent strength and durability. Because of this, these high-quality shipping products guarantee safe shipping.

The Spirited Shipper bottle shipper and insert system protects your bottles from getting crushed or opened. With our products, your bottles will be safer than they would be if you hand-delivered them yourself. In addition, our carefully-designed cardboard shipping boxes allow for airflow so that your labels won’t be moisture damaged.

We’ve Been Treating Customers Like Family Since 1984

At Spirited Shipper, we put people first and bring a personal feel to our day-to-day business. We are a family-owned local company based in NYC and we value family and friends. For example, even four-legged companions are welcome here at our warehouse. Our approach to serving our customers focuses on taking care of others as we do our own people.

We know that we have the best product, but this wouldn’t mean much if we didn’t also have the best service. Thus, we take extreme care in providing customer support that is not only helpful but also responsible and ethical. Our success in this has earned our company a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Google Reviews. Though it’s extra work for us to go the extra mile for you and others, we know that it’s worth it.

Benefits of Buying Wine Shipping Boxes from Spirited Shipper

So what makes our products the best? Well, our wine shipping boxes are:


Our wine and liquor shipping boxes are a more affordable solution to your shipping needs than what you’d get from “big brand” shipping companies. With us, you’ll get great discounts on wholesale quantities and even small purchases. And even better, we offer discounted shipping rates through FedEx.


Our boxes are highly versatile. Though widely used for beer, wine, and spirits, our shipping boxes can safely accommodate almost any type of glass bottle.

Have a ship in a bottle you need to safely transport? An antique vase? Our wine shipping containers will do the trick. From bottles of olive oil to precious antiques, these shippers can handle it.

Crash-Tested and Safe

We know what we’re doing—these products have been tested time and time again. Our wine shipping boxes have passed countless independent laboratory tests over the years. These have deemed them consistent and reliable packaging material for fragile items. The custom insert cushions in our shippers hug and provide added security to each individual bottle.

All our wine shipping boxes consist of strong, ECT-rated, multi-layered Kraft corrugated cardboard. Lightweight and tough inserts cushion and protect your wine within equally sturdy boxes. In other words, you’ll never lose a good bottle to a shipping catastrophe again when you use our shippers.


Our wine and beer shippers break down so that they can be stored flat, saving you money on shipping costs as well as valuable storage space. And not only that, but they are easy to put together and break down again. Watch the Instructional Video for assembling the bottle inserts to see what we mean.


Our wine shipping boxes are good for the environment. They are fully recyclable and made from recycled material. They are also durable. Therefore you can reuse them many times, which saves you money and reduces waste.

Other companies use Styrofoam, a material that releases toxic chemicals, for their wine shippers. But we don’t believe in using Styrofoam because it harms the planet and doesn’t degrade for many years. It also doesn’t hold up like a wine shipping box should. Instead, we use corrugated cardboard because this just makes more sense for the Earth, the wine, and your wallet.


Our wine shipping products are classy accompaniments to gifts, not unsightly material to be immediately tossed in the garbage. In addition to cardboard wine boxes, we have inexpensive wooden wine boxes and totes that are perfect for branding, gifts, and giving discriminating wines the presentation they deserve. These can be kept as attractive keepsakes or storage containers or used again and again for shipping.

Grab a wine gift bag or tote for an even more beautiful unboxing experience and give your shipments a special touch with silk screen customization.


We can customize all of our wine and glass bottle shipping containers with names or logos in up to three colors. Though our cardboard boxes are clean and classy on their own, we can also personalize them using inexpensive silk screen printing. Turn a simple bottle of wine into a thoughtful present for a loved one or the perfect branded gift for a potential client or business partner. See our Silk Screening Services for more information about pricing and availability.

The Spirited Shipper has shipped millions of bottles from thousands of wineries, breweries, wine retailers, wine clubs, corporate gifting programs, and individuals. As a licensed wine fulfillment warehouse and Authorized FedEx Ship Center, we can even ship your wine for you.


Our convenient Astoria warehouse location makes us easily accessible to wine and spirit makers and distributors living in the NYC and tri-state area. Pick up locally if you’re close and come get to know the people working diligently to meet your glass bottle shipping needs. We deliver from our licensed and bonded warehouse in Astoria, located just outside of Manhattan, New York City.

The Spirited Shipper ships all products nationwide at discounted rates through FedEx. We offer same-day shipping in virtually any quantity with great volume discounts. Bulk orders will help you save on freight and minimum charges, so don’t be afraid to load up your shopping cart.

What Types of Wine Shipping Boxes and Supplies Do We Offer?

It might be faster to ask what we don’t offer.

Wine carriers, wooden wine boxes, gift bags, and our signature corrugated shipping boxes are just a few of the products we sell.

Spirited Shipper has the largest selection of wine and spirit shipping boxes in the shipping industry. So whatever your needs are, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. We manufacture and carry 750ml and liter bottle shippers for anywhere from one to twelve bottles, magnum (1.5 liter) shippers for 1 to 6 bottles, and 375 ml bottle and beer bottle shippers for 1 to 8 bottles.

Our patented wine shipping boxes are utilized for olive oil, coffee and other beverages, decorative bottles, and more. In short, anything fragile or glass. What will you ship first?

And don’t forget to have your boxes customized using our in-house screen-printing services. More than just a fun way to spice up a delivery to a friend, this optional feature adds value to whatever you’re shipping. Imprint your packaging with a custom logo or company name to impress clients and close deals. The applications for this are virtually endless. Wineries and corporate gifting programs often take advantage of this add-on.

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US patents 5,730,289 and 5,967,320