Why Use Corrugated Shipping Boxes to Ship Wine?

You probably don’t put a lot of thought into the differences between corrugated shipping boxes and other materials, but we do. That’s why you should make us your first choice when you need to ship wine.

There is no comparison between corrugated shipping boxes and Styrofoam shipping boxes. Styrofoam is a popular choice for other manufacturers, but you’ll never see it in our products. From taking up more space to generating more waste, there are so many reasons not to use Styrofoam.

Side view of corrugated shipping boxes from Spirited Shipper

Corrugated Cardboard vs. Styrofoam Shipping Boxes

Corrugated cardboard shipping boxes from the Spirited Shipper are:

  • Tested and approved by both UPS and FedEx for glass bottle shipping. These corrugated shipping boxes are confirmed under U.S. patents 5,730,289 and 5,967,320 as wine, beer, and spirits shipping boxes.
  • Made in the U.S. from strong corrugated Kraft cardboard.
  • Made with special cushioned inserts that hold every bottle safe and secure during shipping.
  • Able to be stored flat to use up to 80% less storage space.
  • Reusable many times over and fully recyclable. Our corrugated shipping boxes are built to last.
  • Made from recycled materials.
  • Environmentally friendly because they are biodegradable. When they can’t be reused any more, cardboard breaks down completely without harming the environment.
  • Lightweight and cheaper to ship than other materials.
  • Designed to allow for air circulation, which prevents label damage caused by trapped moisture.

Styrofoam shipping boxes are:

  • Bulky and difficult to store.
  • Less durable than corrugated shipping boxes, meaning that they cannot be reused.
  • Unable to accommodate bottles of different sizes.
  • Expensive to ship.
  • Made from polystyrene, an oily material that leaks chemicals and traps moisture. This can destroy labels after just one shipment.
  • Extremely harmful to the environment.

Stay Away From Styrofoam—Choose Cardboard

Styrofoam is a poor choice for safe shipping and very bad for the planet.

This material is a dangerous environmental hazard that doesn’t break down. It takes up to 500 years to biodegrade and releases harmful chemicals into the earth. Negative health effects caused by Styrofoam included itching, respiratory complications, and digestive issues. Animals that ingest Styrofoam often die from it.

This non-biodegradable pollutant takes up 30% of landfill space, more than any other type of waste. If you care as much about the environment as we do, we hope you will stop using Styrofoam. Use our cardboard products to ship wine instead. Corrugated shipping boxes are vastly superior to Styrofoam and should be your number one choice when shipping anything fragile.

At Spirited Shipper, we are committed to being a socially responsible and ethical corporation. This means providing our customers with environmentally friendly products and educating customers when we can. Now that you know more about why we use corrugated shipping boxes, we hope you will look to us for safe, environmentally-friendly wine shipping supplies.