SpiritedShipper Patented Inserts

As anyone who ever shipped a glass bottle knows, adequate protection is necessary for your wine shipment or other shipment of glass bottles to prevent breakage. The mail (USPS), United Parcel (UPS) and FedEx don’t handle boxes marked “glass” or “fragile” any differently than other shipping cartons.

Typical carton materials which are used for bulk shipments are not adequate protection at all. Bulk shipments are typically palletized where cartons are tightly packed together. This saves space and weight as the whole pallet is transported together but once these pallets are broken down to individual cartons, whatever protection they had as a bulk unit is now gone. As boxes are transferred in warehouses, conveyer belts, trucks and eventually to your doorstep there’s just so many places in this scenario for damage to  occur. Breakage occurs as the glass items inside the standard carton box simply don’t have enough padding to absorb vibrations, bouncing and collisions.
So what’s the solution? 

A common option is to place the carton of glass bottles into a bigger box, and fill the space with peanuts, air pillows, expandable foam or other padding which usually absorb normal vibrations  during transit. In fact, UPS recommends this method and I’m not surprised since it increases the size and weight of the shipment which in turn raises your cost of shipping. In addition, the common styrofoam peanuts usually create a mess for both shippers and the recipient. Styrofoam chips or peanuts also aren’t biodegradable and usually wind up in a landfill; not exactly an environmentally friendly solution.

Of course there are other fillers or types of padding out there but all have there drawbacks and none of them would prevent bottles from bouncing around in that inner carton. It may be acceptable to some companies to put up with some small percentage of breakage but it’s certainly not acceptable when shipping anything valuable and that includes wines and spirits. A glass bottle shipping solution which was extremely reliable and affordable was necessary.

The birth of the best bottle shippers!

This problem was attacked head-on almost twenty years ago by Bruce Cappels when he invented the Spirited Shipper. This patented bottle shipping system protects your bottles in multiple ways including  the elimination of bottle bouncing. This solution is actually a combination of two components; a strong outer shipping carton and these specially designed bottle inserts. UPS and FedEx has approved this bottle shipping solution for wine, beer and spirits.

As the Spirited Shippers are pretty durable and tend to be reused, we offer these inserts as replacements for lost or damaged bottle shipper inserts for the wine shippers, magnum shippers and beer shippers.


Spirited Shipper Inserts

One Bottle – 375ml / Beer Insert


Spirited Shipper Inserts

Two Bottle – 375ml / Beer Insert


Spirited Shipper Inserts

Magnum Insert For One Bottle


Spirited Shipper Inserts

Magnum Insert For Two Bottles


Spirited Shipper Inserts

Magnum Neck Holder