The Dogs

Of Spirited Shipper

How much does spirited shipper love dogs?

Just ask one of the 100's of pups that visit and work here.

On any given day at our Astoria location, employees share work space with tons of dogs. At the Spirited Shipper, bring-your-dog-to-work day is every day—a long-standing tradition that both humans and their four-legged friends enjoy. There are many Dogs of the Spirited Shipper, and we love them all!

It all Started with Sparky

The Spirited Shipper has been dog-friendly since Day 1. Agador “Sparky” Spartacus adds to the fun, dynamic energy of our workplace. In the early days of the shipper, We had customers who brought their dog into the office to ship packages and pick up orders.

Perks for Pups

In addition to hanging with their beloved pet parents and getting fussed over by customers and employees, there are plenty of fun things for dogs to do on our site.
In the back of the warehouse we have a dog run, where friends of Sparky run around and find interesting and new things to smell.
Local dogs and their owners also enjoy organized events throughout the year.

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Dogs of the Spirited Shipper