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Do all of your shopping and mailing in one place when you make us your trusted packaging and shipping resource from more than just wine shipping supplies.

Need to ship wine or other alcoholic beverages? We consider ourselves master wine shippers, and we serve clients throughout the country. Whether you’re a business owner or consumer, we’ve got you covered. You can count on us for fast and reliable alcohol and glass bottle shipments because we use the best packaging available.

And we’re not just a supply manufacturer, but a shipping center too. We make specialty shipping boxes, function as a wine fulfillment service, and can take care of your shipping as a FedEx Authorized Ship Center. We also sell additional packaging and shipping supplies and offer expert packing services.

wine shipping supplies

Packaging and Shipping Supplies

We have everything you need to pack and ship gifts and fragile items—not just wine shipping supplies. And if we don’t have the size and shape box you need, we’ll make it for you!

Some of our regular packaging supplies include tape guns and tape. We also offer disposable face masks in packs of 10 and KN95 four-layer respirator masks. Be sure to use our patented shippers if you’re going to be shipping wine or beer.

We Want to Ship Your Alcohol

Especially if you’re shipping alcohol, let us do the dirty work. We’re qualified to legally package and ship your wine because we hold a New York State liquor license specifically for this purpose. We stay up to date on laws regarding the shipment of alcohol in addition to the rules and regulations put in place by FedEx. Our warehouse is secure and bonded for temporary storage so that your shipments are safe and get out fast. Spirited Shipper fulfills thousands of wine orders nationwide each and every month for wineries and retailers, and we’re happy to help private consumers package and ship their wine as well.

Don’t try to ship alcohol yourself. The laws of New York State and most other states do not allow shipping alcohol of any kind—including wine—unless you have a license to do so. Avoid taxes or arrest by trusting us to take care of your alcohol shipping.

Professional Packing Services

Get help packing your items no matter what they are. We have more than wine shipping supplies.

We can help you pack and ship electronics, oversized sports equipment, luggage, and more. Fragile items and non-standard shapes and sizes are all fair game. Our professional packagers will pack your shipments for you for as little as $1.95 each. This service is optional but highly recommended for making your life easier.

Details About Our FedEx Shipping Capabilities

Spirited Shipper purchases are fulfilled through FedEx. But even if you’re not purchasing from us, we can help with your deliveries as an Authorized FedEx Ship Center.

Come to Spirited Shipper and Ship via FedEx within and outside of the U.S. Not home to receive a package? If you live near our Astoria warehouse, you can have us hold onto it. Call 1-800-GoFedEx (1-800-433-3369) to schedule a pickup. They will ship it to our location so that you can come get it when you’re ready. And if this isn’t convenient for you, choose Hold at FedEx Location on your shipment and request delivery to one of over 2,000 FedEx locations. Many of these stay open late and can take calls and messages.

FedEx’s customer-friendly options allow you to tailor delivery to fit your or your recipients’ schedules with FedEx Delivery Manager®. With this, you can request to have packages delivered at a more convenient location, date, or time. These safe and flexible options cost you nothing extra.

See the table below for information about how FedEx schedules its ground deliveries. Know exactly when your shipment will arrive once it’s been picked up by a FedEx carrier.


FedEx Ground weekly shipment schedule and U.S. map depicting shipping regions used for Spirited Shipper packaging and shipping services