Shipping Costs

Your shipping cost will be calculated during the checkout process and depends on your zip code, specific items being ordered and their quantities.

Please see below for bulk palatalized orders being shipped with a common carrier.

Although cardboard boxes don’t weigh very much and we are accustomed to paying shipping charges based on weight, the shipping industry
(including both FedEx and UPS) determines their rates based on something called dimensional weight. When the dimensional weight of a shipment exceeds the actual weight, shipping charges are based on the shipment’s dimensional weight.
Dimensional Weight

Rating provisions which require the calculation of a dimensional weight for rating purposes will be computed at the actual cube multiplied by the dimensional weight factor. Dimensional weight is determined by multiplying a packages length x height x width (all in inches) and dividing the total by 166 (standard density in cubic inches per pound). If the result exceeds the actual weight, charges are assessed based on the dimensional weight. This rating scenario applies in practically all shipments of cardboard boxes. You can learn more at It really pays to stock up as larger orders result in a much lower shipping cost per item.

Now for the good news
As a master FedEx shipper originating thousands of shipments per month, The Spirited Shipper receives discounted shipping rates from FedEx. When ordering boxes, these reduced rates are passed on to you; a nicety and cost savings which is rare and simply impossible to match with the smaller wine box shipping companies.
As a side note – Free shipping is a misleading marketing tool as shipping must be paid for by someone and the cost will be built into the product prices.  Any comparisons with other wine box companies should be made with the total delivered cost not to mention that our boxes are the best in the industry for a variety of reasons. The only exception that I can find is with Amazon. Amazon provides a variety of different ways to eliminate shipping costs. However, the wine shippers on Amazon cost an arm and a leg and they have nothing like Spirited Shippers.
Bulk Palletized Orders

The most economical way to ship bulk orders is on pallets. The minimum common carrier freight charge varies from $80.00 to $150 (East to West Coast), but final freight cost will be calculated at time of shipment based on ship to location (zip code) and total weight of the pallet. Your invoice, which is generated after shipment, will include the actual freight charges. 


You must be shipping to a commercial location equipped to unload from the tail of a truck. If you are unable to unload from the tail of the truck and therefore require additional services, i.e. lift gate, inside delivery, or residential delivery, the carrier will charge extra for these services. These additional charges are established by the common carrier. The Spirited Shipper is not responsible for these additional charges, nor responsible for re-delivery or return freight charges.

Please contact [email protected] for a freight quote to your location.
Low Order Fee

Please avoid this as we hate to see people paying it. It’s imposed due to the cost of labor and the minimal profit made on very small orders. The alternative would be to not accept very small orders. As corrugated box manufacturers; USA wine industry box suppliers, this was our policy until we decided to accommodate consumer demand. So please, order at least $20 worth of products prior to the addition of shipping charges and/or tax to avoid this $5 fee. It may be like getting an extra box or two for free!