The Wine Fulfillment Service Side of Spirited Shipper

A lot goes on behind the scenes to fulfill wine orders. At Spirited Shipper, we are licensed experts in the wine fulfillment service. Let us take care of your wine fulfillment for you.

Group of Spirited Shipper wine shipping containers in various sizes packed and ready for shipping through direct-to-consumer wine fulfillment services

We Are a Licensed Wine Fulfillment Warehouse

As more wineries, importers, and clubs come to recognize the benefits of outsourcing shipping in order to focus on other business demands, the wine fulfillment division of the wine and spirits industry grows. This requires providing reliable, secure, timely, and completely legal fulfillment for both large and small companies. You might think the “legal” part a given, but the general shipping industry actually can’t perform this function due to wine shipping restrictions.

As you probably know, all 50 states have their own regulations for wine and spirit shipments. If you break these laws, you risk being heavily taxed or even arrested in some states. You don’t want that and we don’t want that for you.

Here at Spirited Shipper, we are more than a shipping supply company. We are also a direct-to-consumer wine fulfillment warehouse with a retail liquor license. This means that we can legally and safely carry out your wine fulfillment needs for you.

More About Our Wine Fulfillment Capabilities and Shipping Certifications

Our priority is to protect client property throughout the fulfillment process in our fully-secured, monitored, and insured warehouse. All of our warehouse employees are bonded and we keep all client data private when we fulfill alcohol shipments.

We have a license from the New York State Liquor Authority to ship alcohol. Spirited Shipper stays up to date on ever-changing state laws affecting the wine fulfillment industry as well as all FedEx direct-to-consumer wine shipping policies. We do this work so you don’t have to.

We are a legally licensed wine shipper ourselves, but we also want to give you the supplies you need to ship wine. Our superior wine shipping products meet both FedEx and UPS safe-shipping requirements. Our shipping materials pass many series of drop tests so they are safe enough for glass bottle shipping through either carrier. Products ship with your choice of all five levels of FedEx service in addition to common carrier trucking for bulk pallet size orders. Warehouse pick-up is available for local NYC clients.

Customers You May Know That Use Us for Their Wine Fulfillment Service and Shipping Supply Needs

Our patented wine shipping products, the result of years of dedication to solving a problem in the bottle shipping industry, are accepted today as the best in the business.

Many companies count on us for legal and reliable wine fulfillment services and shipping materials. Wineries, alcoholic beverage retailers, wine clubs, distributors, independent consumers, and businesses large and small only buy from us. Some of our regular wine fulfillment and/or wine shipping supply customers include:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Nike
  • Snapple
  • Diageo
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (State of Pennsylvania)

Putting People First: Our COVID Relief Efforts

As any of our clients would tell you, we’re committed to serving people. We’re proud of our 2020 Astoria Award and our high customer satisfaction ratings, but we’re most proud of helping the community. When we’re not shipping wine or sending you the supplies you need to do this yourself, we do our best to help others any way we can.

In April of this year, we played a part in the COVID-19 relief campaign of Zero Halliburton. We partnered with Nike, Gillette, and others to help Zero Halliburton provide carry-ons filled with health and wellness essentials to healthcare workers on the front line of this pandemic. In our very own New York warehouse, we prepared and packed these suitcases for delivery. After all, packaging is what we do best, and we never hesitate to put our skills to good use. Not just as a wine fulfillment service and supply manufacturer, but as a helper.