Why Wine Bottle Shippers From Spirited Shipper?

Some boxes can be used to ship wine, and some boxes are real wine bottle shippers. We specialize in real wine bottle shippers, and this is what you should be using. Read more about this important difference for yourself.

Eight bottle wine bottle shipper from Spirited Shipper

The Real Wine Shipper Difference

Wine bottle shipping companies in NYC and across the country use cartons marketed for shipping glass bottles, but often not designed for it. Instead, they’re designed to be cheap, quick to make, and easy to use. They probably fit most bottles and they may have multiple layers of protection, but you can’t count on them. They won’t transport your wine safely or hold it securely without additional padding material and even then might not. If you’ve ever gotten a shipment from a wine subscription or distant winery, you are probably familiar with this type of packaging.

We, on the other hand, have created an entire bottle packaging system that won’t break your bottles or the bank. It’s easy for you to use, but a lot of thought goes into its construction.

Why Our Wine Shippers Are Successful

Our wine bottle shippers are successful because we don’t make them haphazardly—that’s not how we operate.

These wine shippers eliminate the need for wasteful and ineffective packing peanuts or foam, come in many different sizes, and can be customized to fit any bottle. We know that well-fitted shippers make all the difference between busted wine or beer bottles and bottles that arrive at their destination like new.

Our wine bottle shippers have multiple parts. Each shipper includes a unique bottle insert with shelves to cushion the bottom of fragile glass and a strong corrugated cardboard outer carton. These layers work together to prevent bottle movement and place more distance between your wine and its surroundings. Our wine bottle shippers are carefully manufactured to be effective but not too bulky.

With so many advantages over Styrofoam and pulp, materials commonly used to ship breakable items and wine, it’s no wonder that the Spirited Shipper’s system has become the standard for wine shipment. Other companies have even tried to copy our patented hard box wine bottle shippers. As lightweight as they are sturdy, our corrugated cardboard boxes are specific to wine and glass bottles. This makes them better at keeping glass safe than the flimsy all-purpose containers you might be familiar with.

But our designers didn’t stop there. Our shippers also flatten completely to greatly cut down on storage space and, ultimately, shipping costs. Wine and spirit makers and manufacturers placing bulk orders greatly appreciate this. And because they take up so little room, many customers like to always keep plenty of our boxes on hand.

We have become a reference for what good wine shipment should look like and we’re not mad about it.

Our Wine Bottle Shippers Are Top-Rated and Loved by Everyone That’s Tried Them

Those that have tried Spirited Shipper wine bottle shippers are glad they did. We have long-time customers that are more like friends and new customers that wish they would’ve found us sooner. The Spirited Shipper prides itself on delivering 5-star products and customer service, and we have the reviews and ratings to show for it.

After years of dedication to solving a problem in the shipping industry, we created patented wine shippers that many experts accept today. Winemakers, beer distillers, and alcohol distributors know that our products are the best. But because we want everyone to experience safe wine shipping, we make our products affordable. Competitively priced Spirited Shipper boxes are accessible to business owners and individuals alike.

We are a local family-owned wine shipping box business with a mission to provide excellent customer service and affordable, environmentally-friendly products to all. We pride ourselves on our ability to react immediately to special and urgent requests, resolve issues, and maintain personal relationships with clients. Because of these values, we have experienced growth year after year for 32 years. We look forward to serving you.


See what some of our real customers have to say about our wine bottle shippers and services.

Customer Reviews:

“Fast, reliable … great quality products! Thank you!” -Tatianna

“So impressed. It was easy to order only what I needed, the price was very competitive and they even called me to make sure I was okay with the shipping!” -Susan

“Ergonomic, well-designed, great on-product instructions.  Perfect weight and structure.  I will use only your shippers from now on.” -Thomas

“I’m a huge fan of cardboard insert shipping, and have used it for shipping in retail, auctions, and personally. I use the shipping containers from The Spirited Shipper, which are relatively inexpensive (certainly by comparison to styrofoam), and work great. I even used them to ship my wine collection from New York to Buenos Aires when I moved here – all arrived safely!” – SaltShaker 

“These boxes are heavier cardboard than those provided at the wineries and are specially designed for wine shipping boxes. … My test consisted of two separate flights one week apart on which I checked a 22-inch carry on suitcase in which I had packed six bottles of wine. Each bottle was … in one of Spirited Shipper’s individual inserts … in another box from Spirited Shipper …

The result was that on both flights there was no damage to the wine even though after one flight I noted a deep dent in the outer box that indicated some rough handling.” -Neil Duarte, WineLoversPage