Contact For Spirited Shipper

Contact The Spirited Shipper, we have everything you need to pack and ship gifts, fragile items and just about anything.

We sell shipping supplies including: boxes, tape, bubble wrap and mailing supplies. As wine shipping is our specialty, we stock all sizes of wine shipping boxes including magnum wine shippers and beer shippers. If we don’t have the size and shape box which you need, we’ll make it for you! With on site Wine Box Shipping, The Spirited Shipper has everything for you at one place.

The Spirited Shipper Provides Local Pickup

This is where to buy shipping boxes, the original wine box company with a unique patented locking mechanism which keeps your bottles secure and safe during wine shipping.

Need to ship wine or other alcoholic beverages?

Contact the Spirited Shipper, a master wine shipper – serving clients throughout the country. If you’re a winery, wine club, liquor store, corporate gift program or a consumer, we’ve got you covered. Shipping alcohol is what we do best. Utilizing the best wine shippers in the industry, you can count on the reliable shipment for any wine shipping needs you may have.

Holding a New York State liquor license specifically for this purpose, we will legally and reliably package and ship your wines. Our warehouse is secure and bonded for temporary storage enabling the perfect timing of your wine or other shipments.

* Note – The laws of New York State and most other states do not allow shipping alcohol of any type including shipping wine unless you are licensed to do so